Xian Ni Chapter 299 Release!

Here is a bonus chapter sponsored by Chase C.

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Xian Ni Chapter 298 Release!

Here is chapter 298 enjoy!

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Xian Ni Chapter 297 Release!

Here is the first chapter of the weekend, enjoy 297!

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Xian Ni Chapter 296 Release!

Here chapter 296, 297 some time tomorrow I guess? Hopefully won’t pass out like I did yesterday.

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Xian Ni Chapter 295 Release!

Ok that was weird, thought I posted this but it got saved as a draft and never posted -.- Sorry about that.

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Xian Ni Chapter 294 Release!

Well I don’t have internet at home right now for w/e reason my land lord still working on. Using my phone’s shitty data plan as hot spot so you have no idea how long it took to load the pages and post this -.-

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Xian Ni Chapter 293 Release!

I slept so much today not even funny but feel so good coz been sleeping 4-5hr on the weekday sucks😄 294 will be out some time tomorrow.

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