Xian Ni Chapter 309 Release!

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Xian Ni Chapter 308 Release

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Xian Ni Chapter 307

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Xian Ni Chapter 306 Release!

Here is 306, 307 is being edited right now.

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Chapter 305


Chapter 304

Eyyy lmao 304 is here, but it’s not proof-read. Sorry boys, too tired.


Hey guise, Luke here. Too…

Hey guise, Luke here. Too lazy to log in on my own account.

Anyway, here’s an update. I’m gonna start editing now, but before that, I’d like to take the time to blame this guy again for the slight delay.

Fucking Varitox.
JK, it’s triple drop weekend on TERA so I’m no lifing it lul.

Xian Ni Chapter 303 Release!

Here 303 lucas was too lazy to make a post and time to move to Canada.

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I have a pounding headache that started around this afternoon, took a nap and hope it get better but still there. Translated a bit but honestly can’t focus at all so have to push it until tomorrow. Sorry guys.

Xian Ni Chapter 302 Release!

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