Xian Ni chapter 250 Release!

Here is the second regular chapter of the week.

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Our buddy made a highlight video of us playing Overwatch last night.

Xian Ni Chapter 249 Release

Here is the first regular chapter of the week.

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Xian Ni Chapter 248 Release!

Here is the last sponsored chapter in que, please thank Quy L. for sponsoring the chapter! And wooo que cleared for the first time in a while XD

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Xian Ni Chapter 246&247 Release!

Here are two chapter sponsored by Nathanael C.,  Michael G. , Bahati G. ,Chris A

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Xian Ni Chapter 245 Release!

Here is bonus chapter sponsored by Nathanael C.

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Xian Ni Chapter 244 Release!

Here is Sunday’s chapter!

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Xian Ni Chapter 243 Release!

First regular chapter of the week, sorry for the late release was kinda weird today.

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