Welcome to Five Star Specialists translations! We are a two man team trying our hand at this translation thing. Our names are Rex(translator) and Luke (Editor). For now we will be translating Xian Ni. Please enjoy our releases, and if you have any requests for a series you’d like to see translated, let us know.

We will be translating from the start and also from where void left off, the release schedule is on the side bar.

Donation wise its $30 per old chapter and $60 per new due to the length of the new chapters

Join our Steam group here, it’s probably the best way to reach us.

The Specialists:

Name: Rex

Position: Translator

Age: 23

Location:In front of a laptop/computer…FOREVER!!!

Occupation:Student, Computer Science

About: I was born in China moved to the US at the age of 9, thanks to my parents I kept enough of my Chinese to do this. I started reading these Chinese Web Novels this summer and have end up reading a good amount in that time and finally decided to do some translation of my own. I spend my free time playing mmorpgs with Lucas most of the time.

Name: Lucas

Position: Editor

Age: 21

Location: Brazil

Occupation: Student, Petroleum Engineering

About: I lived in the US from ages 6-16, so that’s where I did most of my schooling. English is actually my first language, portuguese is meh. I’m very new to light novels, and probably won’t read many of these Chinese ones, just because of how long they are. I spend most of my free time playing video games.