Xian Ni Chapter 191 Release

Hello everyone sorry for the late release, I originally planned to release 191 and 192 today but I was pretty busy and ended up finishing translating both chapter really late and Lucas being  6hours ahead of me stay up late to finish editing 191 but 192 will have to wait until tomorrow. So enjoy everyone!

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Xian Ni Chapter 189 & 190 Release

Hello everyone here is your 2 for 1 Black Friday release! This is a free bonus chapter for Black Friday coz thanksgiving is too insane. The sponsored chapter will come Sunday. Enjoy!

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Xian Ni Chapter 25-27 Release

Hello everyone here is chapter 25-27 this will be today’s normal chapter, last Thrusday’s normal chapter, and the last bonus chapter for old chapter sponsored by Red Warefare! Now update on tomorrow, there will be no chapter released as I have to deal with lot of stuff on Thankgiving, normally not the case but we having guests over so I got to help out and parents decided to push basically all the cooking duty onto me XD Enjoy everyone!

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Xian Ni Chapter 24 Release

Hello everyone since anonymous camel is still napping I’ll be releasing chapter 24 now and hold 25 for tomorrow. Hope to have 25-27 out tomorrow to make up for last Thursday and the last sponser chapter for old chapter. I’ll promise to get the sponser new chapter out this week though just not sure when consider I’ll likely be very busy on thanksgiving, guest coming over I have to deal with. Enjoy

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Xian Ni Chapter 23 Release

Hello everyone almost thanks giving break o.- Enjoy!

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Xian Ni Chapter 188 Release

Hello everyone here Chapter 188 enjoy!

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Xian Ni Chapter 187 Release

Hello everyone sorry about yesterday had to have some working demo for project today so didn’t have time to work on translation yesterday. The chapter will be made up over the weekend. On change we decided to do was lower the requirement for bonus new chapter to 60 because I spend some time today and just check the length of chapters and its pretty tame for a while due to the author period of illness and after that its some weird alternation between long and short chapters but overall much better than 7-9k avg aside from few 8-9k chapter with 208 at like 12.99k words -.-. Anyways enjoy everyone!

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