Xian Ni Chapter 316 Release!

Here is a bonus chapter sponsored by Aaron G,Basman I,Edwin A, and Shawn R. Enjoy!

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Xian Ni Chapter 315 Release!

Here is chapter 315, sorry for the delay enjoy!

Also watching this video of eating moment in dragon ball and dragon ball Z is making me really hungry and have the urge to go eat lot of food lol.

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Xian Ni Chapter 314 Release!

Here is chapter 314, moral of the story is that it is nice to have a big fuck you button on hand.

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Chapter 313

Rex is offline, so here’s 313 on a different site x.x


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P.S. If anyone knows how to make a packet injector for TERA, hit me up fam.


Xian Ni Chapter 312 Release!

Here is chapter 312 enjoy! Remember listen to the MC!

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Xian Ni Chapter 311 Release!

Here is chapter 311 enjoy!

Xian Ni Chapter 311

Xian Ni Chapter 310 Release!

Here is chapter 310 enjoy!

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