Xian Ni Chapter 211 release!

Here is chapter 211 guys enjoy!

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Xian Ni Chapter 210 Release!

Sorry for the delay guys but here is chapter 210!

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Xian Ni Chapter 209 Release!

Here is chapter 209 enjoy!

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Chapter 59

Sorry about being so late guys. It’s double drop weekend on TERA, so we had to get the runs in xD

I know I said before that the schedule was the same, but apparently Rex, at some point, said that we will be switching the Friday chapters to Saturday, so expect 209 tomorrow night.

Here’s the link to 59


Have a nice weekend and wish us luck from our lord and savior RNGesus!

Chapters 57 and 58

Chapter 57 is our regular release, and 58 is our first sponsored chapter on WW.


Tomorrow, we get to see Wang Lin make more bad decisions!

Old chapters are being posted on WW

Hey guys. It seems some of you don’t spam f5 on WW. (I think that’s a meme there)


Anyway, we’ve been posting the old chapters there. We’ve been following the same schedule as before. We’re too lazy to make posts here every day, so, if you want updates, follow my twitter:


New chapters will keep coming out on Saturdays and Sunday, however, we decided not to keep doing the long ass chapters all at once. If we feel that it’s too long, we will be releasing them in two parts. One part is usually twice as long as one of the old chapters btw. Hope you guys understand.

Xian Ni Chapter 208 Second Half Release!

Hello everyone here is the second half of chapter 208, same link but added the rest of it in. Enjoy!

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