Xian Ni 267 and 268

Here come dem chapters.

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Sorry guys some real life stuff is keeping me busy after work going to try to translate them when I can so they will be out sometime this week (mon-fri) sorry again.

Xian Ni Chapter 266 Release (Updated with edited verison)

So lucas’s sleeping is still kinda fucked so he went nap and hasn’t woken up and I almost forgot about this and went to bed lol but here it is in all its unedited glory

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P.S. Lucas woke up and saved the day!

Xian Ni Chapter 265 Release

Here is chapter 265 enjoy! Also updated 264 with edited version.

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Xian Ni Chapter 264 (Updated with edited version)

I was really busy at work yesterday so didn’t finish translating until after work around 8:30 and by the Lucas has already went to sleep. It seems he is busy with some real life stuff too so I’ll post the unedited version rather than make you guys wait. I’ll be updated with edited version once Lucas get around to it.

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P.S. I’m on Pacific Standard Time so consider that when I post time and dates for things.

Had two doctor’s appointments this week, so I had to fuck up my sleeping schedule even more, which made me feel tired literally all day. Sorry guise. -Lucas

Chapter Will Be Delayed to Monday

As title says chapter is delayed to Monday as I had some unexpected family matter to take care of today and just got home and is too tired to do anything beside getting ready for bed.

Xian Ni Chapter 263 Release!

Chapter 263 – The Cancelled Chapter According to Lucas