Xian Ni Chapter 281 Release!

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Xian Ni Chapter 280 Release!

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Xian Ni Chapter 277-279 Release!

So Lucas decided we should be kind to the mortals and told me to release half the chapters now. Here is the second chapter for last week and both chapter for this week. Sponsored chapters later tonight.

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Xian Ni Chapter 276 Release!

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Xian Ni Chapter 275 Release!

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Xian Ni Chapter 274 Release!

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Xian Ni Chapter 273 Release!

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Xian Ni Chapter 272 Release!

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Xian Ni Chapter 271 Release!

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Shameless Self Promotion (Hey it’s my own site XD)

I posted this on WW but kinda forgot about it here. I believe some of you already know but I been writing for the past month. (Helping me relax) So if any of you are interested can check them out here.


Now you have something to read while waiting for chapters o.-

Also currently my day is going wake up 9am go to work, get home 7:30pm translate until 9:30-10pm, write until midnight to 1pm, shower do stuff sleep. o.- Packed schedule XD