No Release This Weekend!

Now before everyone panics and jump out the window these two chapters will be made up next week. The reason why we are pushing those the 2 weekend chapters back is because we will be finished up with old chapters. I’m almost done translating up to 179 only 3 more left but Lucas still has quite a bit left to edit. in addition to that we need to go over around chapter 180-200 ish to replace terms and generally fix stuff so people reading for the first time don’t get confused when they go from 179 to 180.

Then once that is all done I’ll need to move everything to WuxiaWorld which will be some fun copy and pasting time. Starting monday chapters will be released  on WuxiaWorld and I’ll post new release schedule on there and here once I post chapter 179.

I’ll still post updates here and link it over to WuxiaWorld, idk what I plan to do with this blog yet so we’ll see.

Ok now you can all resume panicking and jump out that window.