Xian Ni Chapter 317-319 Release!

Ho ho ho, Five Star Santa is here! The good boys and girls get a bonus holiday chapter tonight! On top of the bonus chapter, you get the usual Saturday release, but it doesn’t stop there! Today is John’s (AKA Varitox AKA Carl) birthday! Happy birthday John/Carl/Varitox!

Now that his birthday present is out of the way, we can really get into the Christmas spirit! Some of you will remember that day a few months ago when John said that he wanted us to only release one chapter per week. As his Christmas present, he will get what he wants! From now until the end of time, Xian Ni will only get one chapter per week! Stay tuned for the finale of Xian Ni in 1769 weeks!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

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