Xian Ni Chapter 237 Part 2

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Chapter 237 – Wang… Wang Lin? Part 2
He stared at Wang Lin and said, in a low voice, “You should feel honored. You are the first person to see my true form since I’ve reached the Nascent Soul stage. There are too few experts around, so I’m reluctant to kill you. If you had another 80 to 100 years, you might have had time to grow up. Let’s do this: if you cut off one of your arms, I’ll let you go for 100 years. I hope that, in 100 years, you will grow powerful enough to fight me. I can’t wait!”

After Ji Mo finished speaking, his face was filled with pride. His hands were behind his back and his head was pointed toward the sky. His figure revealed the look of someone who was unbeatable, but it also contained a hint of loneliness.

After letting out a sigh, he glanced at Wang Lin, then slowly left. When he moved 100 meters away, he suddenly increased his speed and ran off without even looking back.

Wang Lin revealed an odd expression. His eyes glowed red as the Ji Realm suddenly moved and a series of red lightning bolts shot from his eyes.

Without any suspense, Ji Mo’s eyes dimmed as he revealed a look of disbelief, then his body fell from the sky. Then, under the attack of several restrictions, his body was torn apart. At the same time, his bag of holding floated into Wang Lin’s hand.

Wang Lin’s body flashed and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was next to the 4 puppets. When Ji Mo died, the 4 puppets stopped moving.

Wang Lin looked at them a few times and thought for a while. He searched through Ji Mo’s bag of holding and started checking all of the jades inside. After a while, he found a piece of jade that contained the method for refining puppets.

After reading the jade, Wang Lin’s hand formed seals according to the instructions and shot them toward the puppets’ foreheads. Suddenly, the puppets turned into smoke and entered the bag of holding.

Wang Lin then put away the bag of holding, stepped back onto the mosquito beast, and quickly moved toward the He Huan Sect.

Inside the He Huan Sect, the head ancestor, old man Ying Yang, had a dark expression and was walking back and forth in the main hall with his hands behind his back. He couldn’t make up his mind.

Inside the main hall were three others, two female and one male. The male was very handsome and the two females were very beautiful. All three of them were Nascent Soul cultivators. They were also frowning and couldn’t make a decision.

One of the women was wearing a yellow robe that was very alluring. She softly said, “Senior apprentice brother, does that cultivator really have Spirit Severing cultivation level? Junior sister doesn’t believe so.”

This woman’s clothes were very close fitting, revealing her curvy body that would make anyone’s heart pound. If it wasn’t for the frown on her face, she would be even more charming.

Old man Ying Yang let out a soft hmph and said, “Tian Dao Sect’s Yellow Mountain was an early stage Nascent Soul cultivator and died from just one look from this person. Saying that this person is in the Nascent Soul stage would be underestimating him.”

The woman wearing yellow became silent and her brow tightened even more.

The middle aged man that had been silent suddenly said, “Senior apprentice brother, how about we kick all of the Teng family members out of the sect? If we do that, then that cultivator won’t have a reason to come to our He Huan Sect.”

Old man Ying Yang rubbed his temples and said, “Then wouldn’t it mean that we are making an enemy out of the Teng family? Although both I and Teng Huayuan are at the late stage of Nascent Soul, I know I’m not his match if we fight.”

The hall was quiet. After a while, old man Ying Yang’s eyes lit up as he made a decision. His voice was gloomy as he slowly said, “That old thief Punnan Zi still hasn’t appeared, so there must be something wrong with all of this. Forget it. Teng Huayuan is known for holding grudges. If we hand over the Teng family members now and Teng Huayuan doesn’t die, then our troubles will continue. Junior brother, send out the order to open up all of the defensive formations. I’ll personally control them. We must drive that person away.”

The middle aged man nodded. He hesitated and said, “Senior brother, what if Teng Huayuan… dies in the end?”

Old man Ying Yang’s eyes lit up and he chuckled, “Don’t underestimate Punnan Zi. He will intervene for sure. Even if his cultivation level isn’t high enough, would the person at Heaven’s Tower still not be enough?”

The middle aged man was stunned. He suddenly revealed a look of understanding and agreed.

At that moment, inside the He Huan Sect, an exhausted middle aged man walked out of a room, coughing. He was holding a pile of clothes as he slowly walked out.

Although he was only middle aged, all of his hair was white and he wasn’t walking straight. The sound of bell chimes echoed throughout the sect. Nine chimes meant that all He Huan Sect disciples must gather within 30 minutes or face punishment.

When he first heard the bells, he didn’t bother with it, but after hearing the ninth ring, he was shocked as he looked toward the main hall. He had been in the He Huan Sect for a long time and this was the first time he heard it ring nine times.

He hesitated for a while and ran toward the main hall with the clothes in his hands. However, he was simply too weak. He started to breath hard after a few steps. By the time he got to the main hall, all the other He Huan Sect members were sitting cross legged at the square outside the main hall.

The square was covered with countless disciples. Even the few courtyards nearby were filled with He Huan Sect disciples.

Under each disciple was a faint ring of light.

The middle aged man quickly found a ring of light to sit down on. After taking a deep breath, he suddenly heard his fellows shouting, so he looked around and saw everyone looking upward. He looked up too and was stunned.

In the sky above the He Huan Sect, an extremely ferocious beast appeared. The beast had a very notable proboscis that was holding a string that was tied to a banner with countless bodies bound onto it.

At the top of the beast’s head stood a person. The person had a head full of white hair. Although he looked ordinary, he emitted a very powerful killing intent.

After the middle aged man saw the person, he frowned. He felt like he had seen this person before, but couldn’t remember.

Wang Lin looked at the He Huan Sect below him. He could feel that there was a defensive formation that was countless times stronger than the ones at Wu Feng Valley and the Tian Dao Sect.

This defense formation was very powerful. Unless his cultivation level had reached spirit severing, it would be very hard to break through it in a short period of time.

The key to the formation was that as long as the He Huan Sect’s disciples sat on the rings, they will automatically supply the formation with energy. The He Huan Sect had thousands of disciples, so breaking through the formation was like fighting thousands of people.

The Teng family members were inside the main hall. It was clear that the He Huan Sect was going to fight until the end. Wang Lin’s eyes calmly swept the ground. His gaze landed on an old man. He said to him, “If you don’t open up this formation, a river of blood will flow here.”

That old man was old man Ying Yang. After he saw Wang Lin, he frowned even harder and asked, “Fellow cultivator, what are you here for?”

Wang Lin let out a sneer and red lightning appeared in his eyes. Although this formation was strong, if everyone maintaining the formation were to die, then it would break by itself.

Ji Realm shot out as a red lightning bolt and landed on the formation. The formation didn’t even shake, but old man Ying Yang was startled.

Soon, more than 10 disciples on the ground let out miserable screams as they bled from every orifice and died. They fell to the ground and the rings of light below them suddenly lit up, then disappeared.

Wang Lin’s voice was cold as he slowly said, “Are you going to open the formation?”

Old man Ying Yang laughed coldly in his heart and didn’t speak.

Wang Lin’s Ji Realm moved again. This time, 10 red lightning bolts hit the formation. More than 100 disciples coughed out blood. Their bodies twitched a few times before they died.

A sense of fear suddenly spread among the remaining disciples.

Wang Lin calmly looked at old man Ying Yang and asked, “Are you going to open the formation?”

Old man Ying Yang’s expression was sullen and he remained silent. He sat down and started feeding spiritual energy into the formation. The other three Nascent Soul cultivators clenched their jaws as they sat down too.

Suddenly, more than 100 red lightning bolts appeared and slammed into the formation. Meanwhile, at the square, more than 1000 disciples’ bodies exploded into mists of blood. The remaining disciples no longer dared to stay. They all got off the rings of light and ran away, ignoring the shouts of their elders.

Wang Lin’s voice slowly came again. “Are you going to open the formation?”

Old man Ying Yang coughed out blood, his face was red and blue as he struggled to make a decision. The three other Nascent Soul cultivators’ bodies were slanted. Clearly, they were injured.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and casually took out a jade bottle from his bag of holding. After he crushed the bottle, three Nascent Souls appeared. Within sight of everyone present, he devoured them one by one. Then, his eyes glowed red as he raised his right hand and a ball of red lightning gathered in it.

This ball of lightning was made purely of Ji Realm. After the ball had reached the size of a fist, it slowly floated downward.

Old man Ying Yang was filled with fear. This was the first time in his life he had seen someone consume Nascent Souls like pills. As he stared at the ball of red lightning floating down, he immediately shouted, “Fellow cultivator, please stop! I’ll open it! I’ll open it! I will no longer care about the Teng family!”

With that, he stood up, took out a piece of jade, and quickly sent his spiritual energy into it. The formation protecting the He Huan Sect disappeared right before the ball of red lightning landed.

Old man Ying Yang wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. After he opened the formation, he also became more open minded and said, “Senior, everyone from the Teng family is inside the main hall.”

Wang Lin didn’t even look at him as he walked into the main hall. No sounds came from the main hall, but the smell of blood slowly leaked out.

After half an hour, Wang Lin calmly walked out. He waved his hand and the dragon banner held by the mosquito beast flew into the main hall and carried out a few hundred bodies.

The faces on these bodies were filled with fear and hate.

All of these people were very young. If Wang Lin didn’t exist, some of them would’ve surely become Core Formation cultivators, maybe even Nascent Soul cultivators.

However, they shouldn’t have been named Teng!

It’s better to say that Teng Li shouldn’t have tried to kill Wang Lin. One step wrong and every step after it goes wrong as well. If Teng Li had known better, he wouldn’t have tried to kill Wang Lin.

Or if Teng Huayuan didn’t kill Wang Lin’s entire family, then Wang Lin wouldn’t have come here to take revenge, because there would be no need for revenge.

Wang Lin killed Teng Li and Teng Huayuan killed Wang Lin once, so their debt to each other had already been wiped clean. Wang Lin was not here to get revenge for himself, but for his family.

Just as Wang Lin was prepared to leave, a soft call suddenly came from the main square. “Wang Lin?” This call was very soft and filled with uncertainty.