No release today

I been up all night doing finish touches on the project that I presented today. I was working on it 3pm-midnight, went home slept at 1:30am woke up at 4:30am worked on it until 7am left to come to school and worked on it until noon or so before giving the presentations so I’m running on sub 3hour of sleep and I can’t stay focused at all to translate. The chapter will come tomorrow or I’ll release it on Sunday depending on the situation. Just have to finish the report that’s due Sunday then 2 finals and winter break ^_^

If anyone curious on my group project made a side scroller crash scratch so no using pre build game engines everything from the ground up. Basically group of 4 people 2 people did nothing, 1 person helped me and did the menus while I did the entire game =X (its super crappy though lol) but I manage to lay down the bases to build a better game XD Although that require me to be able to draw art rofl.