Xian Ni Chapter 192 & 28 Release!

Hello everyone here is our very first sponsored new chapter and our normal Monday release! Some one give me this suggestion and I thought it as pretty interesting so I’ll try it and please comment on your thoughts about it. Basically I’ll post two links in these release posts, one will be a direct link like normal and other will be an adfly link. If you wish to support us by clicking the adfly link go ahead if not just click the direct link. Only the release post will have adfly link, link in ToC, reddit and such will all remain direct links. Enjoy!

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Message from editor: Hey guise. I know some of these chapters have mistakes. You can blame them 100% on Rex for being a skumbag and making me stay up late to edit them when I’m tired as fuck. I just want to say that I won’t be fixing them any time soon. I don’t read novels much, but the ones I’ve read lately have had so many grammatical errors that it’s come to the point that I fantasize about editing them. I’m gonna leave the mistakes there so that, when we catch up to these later chapters, I can fix them and sort of live my fantasy.

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