Xian Ni Chapter 15 – Suspicion

Hello guys sorry for the late update lot of car issue that’s giving me an head ache -.- So mom car has issue so sent it to get it check spend 95 dollar found out need to replace whole engine…. So my dad bring it to a mechanic he knew and he said o can fix this only 1-2k. Then he goes engine seem fine fix water pump spend like 600 dollar come home car overheats goes back he say o its leaking form the engine. So today had to go drive and pick up my dad from work (1hr drive from home) while we were getting dinner dad get call form mechanic saying that it can’t be fixed need to replace engine (which is what the every first mechanic said) so spend some 700 dollar fixing the unimportant stuff and now need to throw down 4-5k for new engine or a other car ARG…. Ok rant over enjoy Suspicion!!!

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