Xian Ni Chapter 182 – The Ancient God Tu Si

Whats up everyone sorry for the late release, both me and Luke’s mind was completely blown by the news that Doublelift joined TSM and our brain just couldn’t remotely comprehend what is going on so we were locked in a confusion restriction a long time before we finally broke up and released this chapter XD

Also it seems people wanted to choice which chapters they donate toward as some wish to see more of new chapters rather than the old chapter taking up time and we talk it over and decided to split the que to old and new chapters. The old chapters will drop down to 30 per bonus and new will remain 80 for now because they are VERY long o.- I’m not 100% sure how the donation button works if it let you leave a comment just say it in there if not sent us an at fivestarspecialists@gmail.com with where you want the donation to go to. Anyways enjoy chapter 182!!!


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