Xian Chapter 181 – The Outbreak of Restrictions

WOOOOO here is chapter 181!!! Its been over a week since we started already and thank you all for your support. So aside from the long waited chapter there are some updates I like to fill everyone in one.

First a set release schedule! We have decide to do Monday thru Thursday will release an old chapter each day, and Friday & Sunday we will release a new chapter each. This might change as we get closer to catching up as the chapter get much longer post 100+.

Second about donations, we were a bit conflicted about how to do this as we are releasing both old and new chapters so making people choose one kinda sucks so the method we went is simple. There are two que for old and new chapters. When donations comes it goes to both, so 5 dollar donation cause 5 dollar to be added to the old and new chapters so more for you buck! As for the amount right now we have set 40 dollar for old chapter and 80 for new chapter. Why is the new chapter so high? Because the later chapters are extremely long. Chapter 180 and 181 were 9.6k and 9.8k character long, the following chapters drop down a bit but still hover around 7k character. Average chapter for many other series are 2-4k so these take a long time. As of now the free chapter are taking average of 20hrs or more of me and Lucas’s time to do. These donation sponsored chapters will come out whenever for old chapters and mostly weekend for new chapters but really depends on when I squeeze them in.

That’s about yet, also Lucas still looking for a Blade&Soul beta key if anyone got a spare!
It was really hard editing this with Tree of Savior, DreamHack, and the Bob Ross marathon in the background.-Lucas

Enjoy Chapter 181!

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