Welcome Everyone to FiveStarSpecialists!

Welcome to Five Star Specialists translations! We are a two man team trying our hand at this translation thing. Our names are Rex(translator) and Luke (Editor). For now we will be translating Xian Ni. Our releases will depend on how much free time we have, so you can expect an average of a chapter a day, unless something comes up. However, we can be persuaded to do more if you know what I mean (nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more). Please enjoy our releases, and if you have any requests for a series you’d like to see translated, let us know.

If people are wondering why  I’m starting from chapter one  well main reason is that I haven’t read through the previous Xian Ni translation and trying to translate following that without a good knowledge of what has happened is hard. Also the tone would change a lot and I feel would leave many people confused, also some people have said they would like to see fresh translation as well. I’ll do my best to catch up to the previous translation.